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About The Artist

Hey, I'm Dendro, the artist behind the online pseudonym 'Dendromancy'
(pronounced: den-dro-man-see)

I'm a 21 year old, neurodivergent trans person who uses he/him pronouns. I create illustrations that range from chibi to hyper realism, individual pieces to comics.

I am always open for commissions, just contact me here:
[email protected]
with the subject heading: COMMISSION REQUEST

What to Expect on Social Media

On social media you can expect regular posts featuring...
✭ Personal works
✭ Commissions
✭ Fanart
✭ Sketches
✭ Works in Progress

Commission Guide


Full Colour Thigh Up

Full Colour Bust

Full Colour Full Body
NSFW (censored)

One Colour Bust

One Colour Bust